UPDATE 8: 115 Steam Achievements!

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    You can now unlock 115 Achievements! Completing achievements gives in-game rewards like bonus DPS, Gold, etc. Check out Steam's Global Achievements to see all the achievements and their rewards.

    Based on feedback we've received, next Tier Common Perks are no longer weaker than the previous Legendary Perk. Just like before, DPS will increase with every quality, but the Perk Bonus never decreases and increases at the next Tier's Legendary.

    For example:
    Multi-Shot Tier 1 Legendary = +8 Projectiles & 2.4 DPS
    Multi-Shot Tier 2 Common = +8 Projectiles & 2.5 DPS (DPS went up, projectiles stayed the same instead of decreasing)
    Multi-Shot Tier 2 Legendary = +9 Projectiles & 2.9 DPS (both DPS & projectiles increased)

    Tier 6 and above Perks will only increase DPS, no additional increases to the Perk bonuses.

    Level caps have all been increased. Max zone is now 6,000, max teammate level is 30,000 and max Perk Tier is Tier 7.

    Next Friday Update will be on March 8, in the meantime continue to share your thoughts & feedback on the Steam Forums & our Discord.