UPDATE 10: Overpowered!

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    Overpowered kicks in as soon as you are e7 times stronger than a Zone, but you'll need to be e17 times stronger to be 100% Overpowered.

    The more Overpowered you are the more damage you'll do, instantly destroying a wave of enemies when you're 100% Overpowered.

    You'll also move faster, doubling your movement & Hover Bike speed when you're 100% Overpowered.

    While Overpowered, undefeated bosses will automatically spawn & you will instantly teleport to the next planet after beating the End of Planet boss.

    The new Progress Bar shows you how close you are to being Overpowered, as well as how Overpowered you are.

    Next Friday Update will be on April 5, in the meantime continue to share your thoughts & feedback on the Steam Forums & our Discord.