Time Rifters Challenge Update is Now Live!

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    The Challenge Update is now live! Compete for a highscore in the Daily Challenge, or if you're feeling more creative, design, build and share your own rooms and arenas.

    This is a free update for all Time Rifters owners.

    Check out our new Time Rifters: Challenge Update trailer for a preview of the new features, or just exit & restart Steam to check them out for yourself.

    Join us on our Steam forums and let us know what you think

    Release Notes:

    Gameplay Changes:
    • New 'Daily Challenge'. Team up with yourself in randomly created arenas of user created rooms.
    • New 'Custom Arenas'. Play arenas created by other players via Steam Workshop.
    • New 'Room Editor'. Create enemy configurations, platforms, buildings, forcefields, jump pads, triggers & wires. Your room may appear in a Daily Challenge.
    • New 'Arena Editor'. Point and click to create a configuration of rooms, then share that arena on the Steam Workshop.
    • Added 6 new Steam Achievements (Room Creator, Arena Creator, Arena Player, Daily Challenge x3)
    • Added 'Show/Hide Body' toggle.

    Virtual Reality Changes:
    • Updated Oculus SDK to Beta
    • Added ability to toggle Vignette

    Performance Changes:
    • Reduced overdraw on explosions
    • Gold now uses simpler physics
    • Each enemy is 2 draw call instead of 2
    • All red/white/yellow blocks draw call batch together now
    • Better batching of bullet holes and weapon effects
    • Occlusion culling for Daily Challenge
    • Optimized performance of blocks on acid