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    So I used to be quite active on the FTB (Feed The Beast) forums, and on there we ran games of werewolf. The rolesets vary from super simple to really complex. For this game it's going to be really simple. For simplicity, I'll post the basics of werewolf from the FTB thread over here:

    In a werewolf game, players are divided into 2 or more groups. These are generally "good guys" (villagers) and "bad guys" (wolves) although these names and their composition will vary from game to game. There will typically be an approximate ratio of 4 villagers to 1 wolf.]

    Players are usually assigned further into "roles". Roles can vary greatly from game to game, and frequently have "powers" or other rules assigned to them. Some standard examples include:
    • Seer: Every night can divine someone's true identity (Will message the GM (person running the game) and say "Tell me Bob's identity tonight")
    • Bodyguard: Can opt to protect a person from being killed at night, sometimes at risk of their own life (Will message the GM and say "Would like to protect Bob tonight")
    Note that these roles may exist by different names or slightly varied rules. Additionally, there may be more than one player assigned to a given role (there may be two seers, or three bodyguards.) The players are not (usually) told beforehand how many of each role are Present in the game.

    When the game begins, the wolves all know who each other are. They will have a private conversation where they can coordinate and strategize with each other. The villagers on the other hand will have no idea who anyone is and must try to figure it out as the game proceeds.

    Every day the town (villagers + wolves) have to vote on who they're going to lynch (kill, remove from game). The wolves are generally going to try to guide the voting so that a villager is lynched. The villagers will be trying to identify and lynch a wolf. This process involves a lot of bitching and arguing and lying and debating. Players will be having sneaky conversations pretending to be this role or that and generally trying to guide the voting their way.

    At the same time, the wolves privately vote on one player to kill, who will typically (and obviously) tend to be a villager.

    At the end of the 24 hour period, the GM goes over the day's activities. Depending on the rules, they'll tabulate the votes, kill someone via a lynch, kill someone via the wolves, and smite (kill) anyone caught breaking the rules. Then the next day starts. (A game day usually reflects a real-life day, and begins and ends at a time of the GM's choosing.)

    The game ends when any preset victory conditions are met (all the wolves are dead, all the villagers are dead, etc).

    Now that you're aquainted with the rules, here's the basic of the basic roles we'll be using in this game:

    • Werewolf: In wolf convo. Can vote on a villager to kill in the night.
    • Seer: May choose one player a day to see what their role is.
    • Bodyguard: May choose one player a day to protect from being killed by wolves in the night.
    Here's the rules honed from years of people breaking them:
    1. Each player must make a lynch vote in the game thread every day. Votes must be boldfaced.
    2. Players that don't vote may be smited. The first time, I'll let it slide; after that, *zap*. You win condition will not change.
    3. The Wolves will be placed in a convo at the start of the game.
    4. Each wolf may vote for a player to kill in the wolf convo each day. What they do to those who don't is up to them.
    5. Game ends when either the Town or Werewolf win conditions are met.
    6. I must be invited to all game-related convos. Even if you're dead!
    7. All dead players will be placed in another convo.
    8. Ghosting is fine, as long as you do not reveal any information. Please keep it to a minimum.
    9. Excessive ghosting may lead to a ban from my games.
    10. A tied vote is decided randomly between the people involved. (P1 and P2 have 4 votes each, I flip a coin, etc)
    11. Actions in role convos (and the wolf convo) must be bolded.
    12. Please refrain from bolding non-actions.
    Most importantly: INVITE ME TO ALL GAME CONVOS

    Last but not least, we need players! At least ten of them minimum, but there's really no upward limit to this. Also, when you say you want to play, please also say what time you have, so I can place midnight in such a time where people will be awake to check it.

    Player list:
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