Friday Update: Timeline Cards - Per Run Loot

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    We now have Timeline Cards (per-run loot)! Promoting a teammate into Training (lvl 500, 1500, etc) gives you the ability to choose a card.

    When choosing a card you can select from 3 options, each card has their own bonus.

    There are 13 card types - each type has 4 cards (like a deck of cards). The more you collect of each card, the bigger the bonus.

    Timeline Cards are only for the current timeline - deck gets reset when you Time Warp letting you rebuild a new deck on your next run.

    The Modifiers Stat screen gives you an overview of all your modifiers and where they are coming from.

    We've had lots of requests for Global Chat, so you can now toggle seeing chat for the entire server or just the players around you.

    Lastly all the caps have been raised. Max Zone is now 5,000, max Perk Tier is Tier 6 and max Teammate Level is 20,000.

    Next Friday Update will be on February 8, in the meantime continue to share your thoughts & feedback on the Steam Forums & our Discord.