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    playing video games
  3. Solstice
    I'm not real.I'm just an idle of a man.
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    TekkmanCZ MilshiMoo
    i accidentally declined your request on steam since i didnt realize it was you, you can send it again so i can accept it
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    MilshiMoo TekkmanCZ
    Hey there, just wanted to say thanks for following me, i sent you a friend request on steam
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    I'm on fire!
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    Hi! I'm new!
  10. Andrewsun
  11. 4tr
    4tr natalynau
    have some questions about timeclickers and what to level first if you would be able too, tia :D
  12. kaktus23461
  13. 4tr
    if you can give me tips & tricks for time clickers add me and reference pls thanks
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    2. Absynth
      What are your results in your minds eye., What do you think should happen and ultimately follow all the way to endgame. I ask you this to try and find your play style and go from there. There are basically three commodities and the intangibles we use to get them. Some grind, some flash burn, yes.,...some cheat Am on at odd hours that shift, but everyday if need be......which seems to be the norm) Will check back.
      Dec 25, 2020
    3. 4tr
      definitely no cheat... mixture of both grind and leave offline to gain gold to level up and repeat depends. what do you prioritise when levelling gun abilities?
      Dec 28, 2020
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    You may call me a llama and I'm part of the 5 master llama. There's Wardon, Hurt, War, Mercy, and Price. I'm the llama master Wardon.
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    Playin Da Game Bruh
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    Talking with friends
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    too soon Billy Sadge
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