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    (The post I wrote here was getting bigger and bigger with my edits, so I decided to write all of that here. This post is updated, so please take a look again)


    Classes Ideas
    • If you add classes, here are some ideas
    1. Medic. Passive: Regenerates HP every second. Ability: Creates a zone for 5 seconds that heals himself and nearby teammates.
    2. Tank. Passive: More HP than others (150 HP). Ability: Creates a shield that reduce damage a lot for 3 seconds.
    3. Marksman. Passive: always reload faster, and when you reload, for the next 3 seconds shoots does a bit of more damage. Ability: The character concentrates, reducing recoil a lot with a great accuracy.
    4. Demolition. Passive: does more damage to cubes. Ability: Throws a bomb that sticks to the thing that it touches (even an enemy). When you want, you activate the bomb.
    5. Defense. Passive: if near of your cubes and/or turrets, they regenerate HP. Ability: Put a turret that attacks enemies, to a maximum of 3 placed.
    XP, points & classes

    • When you finish a game you gain experience that adds to your profile (to unlock classes, weapons or whatever) and experience to the class you played, and when you level up in that specified class, it gives you one ability point (or :timecube: lol) to improve your abilites (like in Time Clickers). Also, you can sell 20%, 50% & 100% bonus exp for real money.
    • Adjust how do you gain points:
    1. Win the game: 50 points
    2. Capturing a Time Cube: 10 points
    3. Lose the game: 10 points
    4. Killing someone: 5 points (the kills are worth 1 more point for every kill if you are in kill streak, until you die)
    5. Every minute played in the round: 2 points
    6. Capturing a Red Cube: 1 point
    7. Assisting a kill: 1 point
    • Points = XP and :weaponcube:. With weapon cubes, you could buy weapons in a shop to add them in your inventory permanently.
    • You need to level up to unlock certain classes and weapons before you buy them.
    Maps and gamemodes

    • Capture Points Mode in The Wall (5 capture points are distributed in the map. You capture the points staying in it's range. When a point is captured, your team gains :timecube: based on the difference of the enemy's captured points (so if you have 3 capture points in possesion and the enemy only 1, your team gains 2 :timecube: per second). The first team to reach 250 :timecube: win.)
    • Slight rework to The Wall (some areas are not so interesting, maybe this situation will change with more players)
    • Night/afternoon/dawn and rain/storm versions of the same maps would be really cool (the map won't change, only the illumination and/or weather).
    • The warehouse map! :p
    Graphic settings
    • Option to choose display resolution in fullscreen (800x600, 1024x768, etc)
    • Option to turn off the bullet impact animation or adjust the size.
    • Another idea for micro-transactions, sell skins of the weapons. Maybe press F to show the gun like in CS:GO.
    • Gold could be the currency with real money (used to buy skins and to unlock things faster).
    • If you have low HP, you can change teams to recover all HP. This method can be abused a lot and easily. Like I said the other time, put the limitations of cooldown and difference of players.
    • The other hand holding the smg/pistol should be visible in first person, it looks weird.
    • Invincible in spawn so you can't be killed, but you can't kill enemies too.
    • Notifications in chat when someone joins or leaves the game (another sound more quiet to differentiate this and a new message).
    Thanks for reading :)
    kenzie good luck putting that in trello xD
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    I was bored, and I thought how the UI would be seen if some of the suggestions are in the game. With a bit photoshop and imagination, I did this lol


    The level and an experience bar (clicking on this will redirect you to your profile), your weapon cubes and gold and the addition of a shop button (the old profile button = clans?). Below all of this, there are the modes (scroll down to see more maps).

    I don't know if this is exactly a suggestion, but I just wanted to post that and know what do you guys think :)
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    Looks very cool :cool:
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    I say, clever idea! I, also, can compare these to the classes in Team Fortress 2:
    Defense is like the Engineer (sentry guns)
    Medic is like the (well, the Medic) with healing
    Marksman would I think be similar to the Scout
    Demolition would be similar to the Demoman (stickybombs)
    Tank would probably be similar to the Heavy (high HP)
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    Looks very nice!
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    Thank you! I'm glad you guys like the suggestions :)
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