Tutorial : How to get Rainbow Ball reward ads on PC

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    How to watch rainbow ball ads on a PC
    A tutorial by Igorlegor

    Hello guys, and welcome to this tutorial !

    I’m going to explain you how to gain rainbow ball rewards on your computer !

    Yeah, that’s possible, with a few knowledge. How ? You will have to download an Android emulator, and run the game on it.

    Step 1 : Download the emulator, and install it.

    The emulator is BlueStacks. Just download it, and install it.

    If you’re not able to achieve this step, just... Just try to go outside, and have a real life. Poor dude…

    Keep in mind that BlueStacks takes 255 MB so you will have to be patient.

    While it is downloading, you can look at the following steps, or watch cute cats videos on YouTube.

    Here is the link : http://www.bluestacks.com/download.html

    Step 2 : Well I guess that you’re not outside, and BlueStacks is installed. Congrats !

    Now, you will land on blue stacks starting page. Just search for Time Clickers, and go search it on the Play Store !


    Step 3 : Just install Time Clickers.

    Did I said that this tutorial is hard ? No.

    If you’re an Apple user, or if you are more than 70 years old, you must click the green button.


    Step 4 : Launch Time Clickers.

    Yeah, press the green button again. What a boring tutorial.

    Step 5 : Pair BlueStacks to your account.

    With your computer (you can do something else while BlueStacks is running) or your phone, go to http://www.timegamers.com/pair/ and pair BlueStacks to your account, so your savefile will be on your PC and/or your phone and your Virtual Android.

    Isn’t that great ?

    Step 6 : Welcome to your savefile !


    Step 7 : Destroy a rainbow ball, and click No. Actually, that’s a joke, you must click Yes.


    Step 8 : Once the ad is over, just close it. Yeah, things are becoming difficult.


    Step 9 : Enjoy your free weapon cubes on your computer :D


    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, I’ll be glad to answer.

    Enjoy :D


    PS : Hey Proton, put this thread as a sticky thread, that may help a few people out there :D
    PPS : Additionnaly, could you change the title of the post ?
    How to watch rainbow ball ads on a PC
    That's more... Logic
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    I'm using BlueStacks since quite some time now already, just not for this game :)
    Sidenote for older PCs: It is quite resource hungry, so it can either lag in the game or even slow down your other programs a bit. But giving it a try is definitely worth it if you want these extra cubes.
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    thats a neat trick, but i think ill just use the pc version for now
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