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    Time Gunners - Backlog
    We’ve created a Time Gunners - Backlog Trello board that includes all of the ideas, suggestions & bugs you’ve posted in the forums.

    If you’ve encountered any bugs or want to share a suggestion, please post it in the forums. We’ll continually monitor the posts & add them to the Backlog board.

    Time Gunners - Development
    If you want to see what we’re currently working on or plan to tackle in the near future check out our Time Gunners - Development board.

    This board will give you a snapshot of what we’re working on for the next release, as well as some of the higher priority items that we’ll be working on in the near future. We'll be moving cards will be moved from the Time Gunners - Backlog board to the Development board when we plan on working on that.

    Time Gunners - Done (Archive)

    We'll only be keeping 2 weeks worth of completed/released updates on the Development board. You can look at the Time Gunners - Done (Archive) board to see all previously released updates.
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