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    - [Steam Windows] Daily backups are saved to a 'Backups' folder in the TimeClickers install folder.

    1.4.2 - Timeline Summary

    - Press the Time Warp button to see a bunch of new stats!
    - Preparation for the Christmas Event (Starts Dec 1st)

    1.4.1 - Save Stacked Active Abilities

    - Save remaining Active Ability time to the save file
    - Made ads easier to trigger on iOS to make the review process smoother

    1.4.0 - Respec Update

    - Buy & Sell Artifacts & Weapon Augments when you Time Warp
    - Click & Hold to buy/sell multiple levels of an Artifact or Weapon Augment
    - Left Click to buy, Right Click to sell
    - New music while Time Warping
    - More accurate Gold/sec
    - Cleaned up the bubbles sound effect
    - Reduce particles limits Gold on screen to 100
    - Reduce particles disables Time Warp effect
    - Alerts animate faster when the queue is longer


    - Floating pumpkins [Oct 15-31] that give a Gold, Time Cube, Weapon Cube or Max Damage bonus when destroyed
    - Fixed not getting offline earnings or cooldown when game paused [Mobile]


    - Fixed Rainbow Blocks giving too little gold & Yellow Blocks giving too much [bugfix]
    - Lowered cost of Weapon Cube Find/Chance by 25%. Maxing it out went from 2M to 1.5M [balance]

    1.3.0 - Click Cannon Unlocked

    - Click Cannon Available for 50,000 Weapon Cubes
    - 'Overpowered' makes waves spawn faster & fireworks shorter
    - New damage sensitive Explosion Sparks
    - Yellow 'Gold Overpowered' indicators showing how many upgrades you can afford after a Promotion
    - Click Launcher Weapon Augment: Rocket Speed
    - New Hotkeys:
    --- QWE = Weapon Idle modes
    --- H = Click Pistol Upgrades
    --- Z = Buy mode
    --- C = Unlock Active Abilities
    - Rainbow Ball gives 5 minutes worth of maximum Gold/sec for session/timeline (More Gold! Scales Better!)
    - Added bubbles sound effect to Rainbow Ball (with custom volume slider)
    - Artifact Prices above 75,000 have a much lower curve now (Spent cubes will be refunded)
    - Replaced Rocket Explosion
    - Special Bosses for Waves 4000 & 5000
    - Removed black background from alert messages
    - Click Pistol Weapon Augment: Spawn Gold when shooting Weapon & TimeCubes
    - Removed Some Team DPS Artifacts to make it end on a round number
    - Active Abilities pause when watching a reward ad [mobile]
    - Added Maximum Damage to reward ads [mobile]
    - Rainbow Reward Ads give the reward with much greater reliability [mobile]
    - Reward Weapon Cubes are offered based on the Weapon Cube Start Wave [mobile]
    - Cloud Save will always use the furthest ahead save
    - Active Ability cooldown displayed on buttons
    - Added Night Mode (available in the options menu)
    - New arena creatures
    - Re-balanced Weapon Augment costs
    - Changed Flak Cannon color from yellow to orange
    - Fixed wrong placement of rocket explosions
    - Click Weapons can be disabled
    - Added drop shadow on Crosshairs
    - Volume Sliders work as expected now (50% is actually half volume)
    - Added 'Time Rifters Trading Cards' promo image
    - Reset All Progress will Un-Pair if cloud is not reachable
    - Ability Progress Timers were causing lag [performance]
    - Idle Targeting Speed Connected to Automatic Fire [Bugfix]
    - Weapon Augment Progress indicators don't show 100% when you're actually at 99.9% [Bugfix]

    - Time Clickers update 1.2 has been approved for iOS. Updated the compatibility warning message if the game is paired to TimeGamers.com for Cloud Save Sharing with mobile.


    - Fixed a bug where going to the wave before a boss after Wave 3000 wouldn't let you go forward again

    1.2.0 - Click Launcher

    - Weapon Cubes start at Wave 1000
    - Click Launcher costs 1 Weapon Cube
    - Spend Weapon Cubes on Weapon Augments
    - Gold / sec counter added (after Wave 30)
    - Dark gradient on alert messages
    - Weapons lower when aiming near the bottom of the screen
    - Added custom arrow cursor option
    - Rainbow blocks contribute to total kills now
    - The previously selected resolution is remembered
    - Added Unlimited Framerate option
    - Fixed spelling error on 'Not Connected'
    - Removed arena names
    - Fixed some Artifact descriptions with inconsistent names
    - Added 3 new Achievements (Wave 3500, Boss 4000, 3 Million Weapon Cubes)
    - Rainbow ball ads drop Weapon Cubes after wave 2000 (on mobile for reward advertisements)
    - New stats (Total Weapon Cubes, Weapon Cubes this Run, Best Weapon Cube Run)
    - Darker backgrounds on Stats, Achievements & Welcome panels
    - Guaranteed Weapon Cubes Waves: 1000=1, 1500=150, 2000=350, 3000=775, 4000=1250

    1.1.0 - Idle Mode

    - Click Pistol can slowly auto-aim via toggle
    - New 'Lower Framerate' option in the settings menu to reduce CPU & battery usage
    - Limit framerate to 30 fps when game isn't focused
    - Removed Left Handed weapon in preparation for the Click Launcher
    - Bullets don't hit gold anymore
    - Bullet tracers don't stop when punch-through is active
    - Time Cubes collectible after 2 seconds instead of 4
    - More random Time Cube explosion distance
    - Cloud Save icon refreshes correctly if you lose internet connection
    - Physics optimization for Gold collection

    1.0.4 - Balance & Bug Fixes

    - Max Spread Artifact raised from 5 to 10
    - Training renamed to 1.0, 1.1, etc.
    - Added Dimension Shift visual/audio effect
    - Cooldown time format is 0:00:00 now
    - Balanced guaranteed Time Cube bosses
    Wave/Cubes Before:
    100/10 250/40, 500/100 1000/250 2000/600
    Wave/Cubes After:
    100/10 250/50, 500/200 1000/500 2000/1500, 3000/2500
    - Time Cubes appear on top the black background but not the menus
    - Save icon shows if you are connected to the Cloud or not
    - Fixed Augmented Aim tooltip on the Artifact description
    - Removed malfunctioning ad network from mobile

    1.0.3 - Player Feedback Fixes

    - Added Scientific Normalized Option. New toggle to switch between all 3 number display modes.
    - Fixed offline cube destruction when your team is significantly more powerful than the arena HP.
    - Fix Buy Max with Spec Ops. Icons refresh correctly. Achievement triggers.
    - Alert messages are queued. Most useful for seeing how many Time Cubes you got. So it isn't over-written by the 'Boss Destroyed' message too quickly.
    - Time Cubes appear on top of the black screen
    - Balanced Defender Achievements (you keep any you earned in Steam before the balance change)
    - Live Leaderboard stats are more accurate when importing or resetting
    - Volume settings are preserved when doing a reset
    - Active Ability hints refresh correctly when buying artifacts (fixed race condition)
    - Fixed alert popup to show exponents correctly

    1.0.2 - Steam Achievement Bugs

    - Fix so Achievement notifications pop up in-game instead of after the game is closed
    - Make the Demolisher achievements work on Steam (mis-spelling in the code)

    1.0.1 - Armor Games Bug

    - Fixed so Pairing & Live Leaderboard work with the Armor Games version

    1.0.0 - Steam Relase

    - Released on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/385770/
    - Released on iOS: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-clickers/id1008083724?mt=8
    - Pressing the Cloud Save button forces an over-write of the save on the server, even if the save on the server is further ahead. Fixes sync issues from import/reset.
    - Added Time Rifters information.
    - Fixed "Convert White to Red" Artifact symbol to have a red arrow
    - Made gold update more frequently and efficiently (250ms instead of 1000ms).
    - Stylus should work on mobile now
    - Added 'Max Timeline Time Cube' stat
    - Added resolution dialog for Steam
    - Added game instructions in Options
    - New achievements for Spec Ops & Time Cubes

    0.9.10 - Live Leaderboards

    - Incorporated a 'Live Leaderboard' button into the game that opens a web page dedicated to just the Live Leaderboard
    - Artifacts are now available on the Kongregate version too.
    - Added in-game instructions to the settings menu
    - Fixed Google Play Services icons in Android
    - Added in-game links to Google Play store & coming soon for Apple App store
    - Attempted to fix blurry UI in Artifacts Screen, Settings, Yes/No Pop-ups
    - Added Live Leaderboard button for versions of the game not on TimeGamers.com
    - New creatures (5 regular creatures & 2 bosses)
    Edit: Forgot to mention. Gold only updates once per second instead of every time a piece is collected. Major performance improvement we added when trying to get it to work on a first gen iPad.

    New Regular Creatures:
    - Moon
    - Tic-Tac-Toe board
    - Whale (looks like a gold fish)
    - Diskette that starts appearing on 404
    - Special creature for wave 666 (only appears on 666)

    New Boss Creatures
    - Wave 420 - Pineapple
    - Wave 3000 - Trophy
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    Update 1.3.0 - New Creatures

    Regular Wave Creatures:
    Radio Active Symbol
    Cup of Coffee

    Boss Creatures:
    1200 – Beer
    1700 – Bird
    1800 - Present
    2200 – Barrel
    2500 – Cow
    2700 - Martini
    3200 – Lamppost
    3500 – Giant Java
    3700 – Chair
    4000 - Medal
    4300 – Table
    4400 – Table2
    4500 – Apartment
    5000 - Medal
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