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    I played today Time Gunners. Expected to play only a bit, but it was nearly impossible. Why? Because it was so much FUN. I just wanted to play more and more. Since the game was put in other websites, there are more players in the game – and that's what it makes the game entertaining. With friends, the fun is multiplied. It's common to see the same names everyday. Even with the lag & FPS issues, the performance didn't stop that the game grow a small community who likes the game.

    Development of the game was paused. This wasn't a good new for everyone. Now, you are developing your new game, Time Warpers, which I'm sure it will be a success. Of course, now that you are focused in your new project, you are not going to update Time Gunners soon. With all said, maybe you're asking: Then, what is the sense of this thread? What are you trying to explain?

    Simple, but complex: Consider a future Steam release when Time Warpers is released. Yes, I know this isn't the first time I said that. I will try to explain my thoughts about these threads:

    Web version

    The game was an experiment intended to run in WebGL, if I'm not misunderstood. But WebGL is limited, and to run a game like this, you need to remove gameplay related things, which you don't want. A logical decision, but:

    Maybe in release these technologies will not be good optimized, causing a long wait to play the game with no problems in the web. A non-web browser release will have better performance.

    Ideas to monetize the game in Steam

    There are a lot of types of monetization in games, the most popular being the cosmetics. I suggest again some things I said at other times:
    • Sell skins for the weapons/characters
    • Sell +X% bonuses if you add a level/gold system.
    • Season Passes.
    Also, the game would be pretty cool integrated with the Steam Workshop.


    You could enable The Wall map when you have time, if no updates are planned for a very long period. Playing the same map (Treehouse) will end up being repetitive.

    Maybe I'm wrong with a lot of things. You know what's better for the game. I'm just sharing my thoughts :)

    Keep up the good work!
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