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    I'm wondering what your various strategys are. When do you reset? What's the best thing to spend weapon cubes/time cubes on? Is it better to do quick runs or let it go for a couple days? That's what I do but now I'm not sure. I would always just go until I can't beat the boss with all my abilities active. And then reset. Is there a better way? Thanks

    Oh and btw I have like 20,000 time cubes and my max wave is 1100 or so.
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    Good question. People must be holding onto their secrets closely. Lately, I've been going for runs of about 2500 in about 4 hours to yield about 130,000 time cubes. I can do this about 2 - 3 times a day and slowly chip away. Trying to push to Level 5000, but it's been hard.
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    It's not as if the strategys are a big secret, it's just that since the stop of updates most long term players have found their personal strategy and don't come here as often as month' ago. The steam forum is probably much more active than this forum or the chat. But you can always try the chat, you might just have to try a few times before someone answers. I started playing a bit over a year ago and my strategy changed serval times over the course of time and i really cannot remember what exactly i did when.
    The strategy depends a lot on the player style and the time cubes you have. In my opinion you should do a warp as soon you notice your progress slowing down considerably. Pushing until you cannot to kill a boss is with all abilities is imho too long unless you want do do a deep run to get an achievement or collect weapon cubes. Look at the graph in your profile. You can see when your curve starts to get flatter. Look at how slow you are going and decide if it's not faster to warp and work back to the point where you make a lot of cubes per time.
    Starting wave is a thing that depends a lot on your progress in the game. There are times when it is good to raise your starting wave at least to level 91 or higher to earn cubes faster. In later game players usually have starting wave at 11 to make use of the the overpowered machanic and store up maximum damage time. And then they might run until they run out of maximum damage time and warp.Once you get higher amounts of cubes and starting gold look at weapon firing rate. It might be better to leave a weapon on purpose a bit lower/buy several weapon levels because depending on the situation a fast firing weapon might kill things faster than a strong but slow weapon.

    I don't mind explaining strategy i used for the last weeks, but it won't help you because you need millions of times cubes for it. I do 'overpowered runs'. I have near max starting gold and use that to buy high weapon levels from the start and trigger overpowered. Then i just let it run until my cubes/time drop considerably or i reach a wave it set myself as goal and then warp. It's effective but also boring because i don't even need to buy weapons for over half an hour once i spent my starting gold. I am planning to start a very deep run in the next few days to make use of the christmas Presents. But i expect the run might run into the next year. Deep runs like this are just to see how deep you are willing to go before you warp and how fast you can get there, not cube effective.

    For time artifacts: At the very beginning just get a bit of everything and max out cube find amount and chance . Later, if you like deep runs, then invest more in the click and abilites trees and rainbow balls, otherwise more in damage. Don't forget gold but also put just a little there.
    Weapon artifacts: First put a bit in laucher and pistol until cost is starting to go up considerably then concentrate on find chance and amount. Put just a tiny bit in cannon when you unlock it. It needs a lot of cubes before it's really useably, so concentrate on pistol and laucher first (pistol only clicks and a bit movement speed, pistol gold is just too expensive for what it does).

    TL;DR: There is no strategy that works for everyone. Just play the way you like and have fun.
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    It can depend on the preference, but I prefer pushing waves as far as possible (until you can't beat a boss even with full abilities), rather than farming :timecube: with lot of short runs, which seems a repetitive grind. Seeing your progression and based on my experience, I think you can push beyond wave 1100, though entering the ops training levels is rather painful. You can go offline for a while until enough gold to upgrade when you notice mobs get much harder to destroy. You can time warp and upgrade some when the collected :timecube: reaches about half of total :timecube: owned. I here recommend you pushing waves rather than doing lot of short runs below wave 1000 that give no :weaponcube:.

    For the :timecube: artifacts, I focused on the damage tree over gold tree (which is needed to run a bit faster and beat bosses easier) and the rest for important upgrades.

    For :weaponcube: augments, I first focused on starting wave of :weaponcube: appearance, then a few Click Launcher upgrades, and then chance & amount of :weaponcube: increase (once more than 100 :weaponcube: collected).