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    Are you tired of having to do 100+ clicks after each time warp to get your weapons etc setup for your next run?

    If you said yes, you can wait for the Devs to implement a feature into the game that will do them for you, or you can get a copy of my new script and have the same result. The choice is yours.

    Anyways... I like scripting so when I saw Stevie123 make a request to the Devs to add the feature to the game (which has been asked for before), I decided to write a very simple script with GUI that will do all your setup for you. It has a very simple interface where you can select what you want it to do, but also has a way to store defaults for fast start up.


    As you can see, the interface is very simple, and like I said, once you have the script you can set defaults and never have to press any of the setup options again.

    Here is a short demo of the script, followed by instructions on how to get it and set it up.

    Pastebin link to the script: http://pastebin.com/5yLRjRpi
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    Uuh, these kind of scripts leave me in a personal moral dilemma :) Don't worry, I'm not gonna start THIS discussion here ;)

    I like scripting and programming myself and I've made similar things for all kind of games that I've played up to some years ago.
    The different speeds are a very nice thing to setup, but for the slow one, just from the video, it looks more annoying to wait for the script to finish as to do all the clicks on your own ;)
    In some of my scripts I used a more specific send function, that allowed me to send keystrokes and clicks to a minimized window. I don't have those scripts anymore, so I cannot look it up exactly, but I think it had to do with "controlsend". It needs some more work around it to find the correct window etc, but it allowed me to do other things while the script ran in the background.
    Maybe that could improve the QoL of your QoL improve script ;)