Quality of Life feature for very late game farming/timewarps

Discussion in 'Time Clickers' started by stevie123, Apr 23, 2016.

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    Hi every1 =)

    I know that you consider Timeclickers to be more or less finished and are working on your next game already.
    But I would love to see some QoL features getting added to reduce the "rebuy/re-setup" phase after timewarping in the very late game.

    Unless you make Max Damage runs you will have your starting gold very high or maxed out and can start with all weapons at 3500.
    To get everything to 3500 we need a lot of clicks:
    - Changing the buy modifier to "MAX" are 1-4 clicks, depending on what your modifier has been before warping (when it was on "MAX" before warping you need to cycle through completely once to make it work correctly)
    - Getting every weapong to 3000 unpromoted are 5 clicks per weapon = 25 clicks
    - Changing the buy modifier to "xP" are 3 clicks
    - Buying all weapons to 3500 unpromoted are 10 clicks per weapon = 50 clicks
    - Total: 79-82 clicks for the weapons

    Additionaly we have 2-12 clicks for the Click Pistol (2 are enough for the first upgrade and to unlock all abilities but 12 are needed to max it all out) and 10 clicks for the abilities, which boost the clicks needed to 91-104.

    Some may have less clicks due to slightly other upgrade paths (for example Particle Ball to 3577 if you only want the higher team DPS and don't need the attackspeed of that one slow weapon can be done with 2 more clicks in "MAX" and saves the 10 clicks in "xP" mode) but it's still very much clicking action to set everything up again after timewarping.

    We had some brainstorming about possible changes to the buy modifiers in the forums here already some months ago, which I think were quite complex and probably complicated to implement, so they are out of discussion here.
    But what about a (hopefully) simple input dialog box thingy where we can enter any number (ex. 3500) and then buy that amount of weapon levels with just 1 click per weapon?
    And have the "MAX" modifier buy all Click Pistol upgrades and all abilities with 1 click each, instead of the currently used way which feels like "xP" or "xU".

    Is there any possibility that we can get these (or similar, just go for the easiest and uncomplicated ones ^^) QoL features added? With higher priority for the team weapon levels since they require the most clicks.
    I quite often find myself in the situation where I only have a few seconds free time (in between rounds of other games or while watching streams) but the ~100 clicks would take too much time and distract me too long from the other things that I'm doing, so I often don't timewarp for too long and reduce my farming efficiency.