pushing past Training to Spec Ops ... a little strategy discussion

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    (I guess this counts as spoilers! If you wish to learn this stuff on your own, it'd be good to skip this thread.)

    so Spoilers ...

    Weapon levels 500-1000, 1500-2000, 2500-3000 etc are called Training. Weapon levels 1000-1500, 2000-2500 etc are called Spec Ops.

    And Training is generally harder than Spec Ops.

    If you can push through Training 1.4 or Training 2.4, you are rewarded with lots of relatively easy stages and lots of Time Cubes. If you push past round 240 into Spec Ops 1, you suddenly get the big bonuses at rounds 250 and 500, and you get hugely more Time Cubes than on a run to round 240. If you push past the 700s into Spec Ops 2, you hit the round 1000 bonus, and you wind up with like 12000 instead of 4000 (very roughly).

    I am only to about round 1250 myself. I'm slacking, lol. But on my advice, a friend tried pushing through Training 3. She succeeded with a lot of effort, but only got about double the number of Time Cubes from a much easier run ending around Training 3.3 or 3.4. Although, I'm sure she got way more Weapon Cubes that way.

    I shudder to think of trying to push through Training 4, lol.

    Anyway, thoughts? Advice?