[Official] Update 1.3 - Click Cannon Unlocked - Now Available!

Discussion in 'Time Clickers' started by Kenzie, Oct 13, 2015.

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    While I didn't care for the occasional interference of active abilities either, I personally find that preferable to the game pausing for 6-7 hours rather than running because you forgot to close the app a certain way. I probably just won't play much on my phone from this point. (I had the ads turned off, as the gold and cube gains from them was fairly negligible from my perspective.)

    No offense Kenzie, but that is not consistent with what I remember you saying about the auto-aim back when weapon cubes were first introduced (as noted in the rest of my comment that you quoted part of). I might be wrong, but I don't remember you guys calling it a bug back then.

    As with all changes of this nature, I will adapt. Just giving my honest opinion. :D
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    I haven't played much but here's my the feedback so far :)

    Lag reduce from the skill timers:
    It definitely feels more smooth now and the FPS don't drop that much as they did before. I think the little drop I still experience is more or less completely because of my old PC and the other stuff I run at the same time ;) I would not say no to more performance increases though ... ;)
    Thumbs up here!

    Starting wave too high, so I won't see that until I boost my DPS multiplier more ^^ But what I heard and saw from others, it looks very cool and probably veeery strong for certain builds and playstyles!
    Thumbs up here!

    Gold OP:
    TL;DR: I LOVE them! ^^
    No more own math or remembering numbers required to hit the right promotion times.
    Maybe one addition there: Now we see up to 5 single yellow bars, seperated by a small space. Maybe have some half transparent seperator lines (10%, 25%, 33% or 50% steps) in each of the single bars, that indicate how much of the next upgrade we can already afford. Now 1% and 99% for the next upgrade look the same, but it could be more convenient to know how close we are to the next 100%.
    And when we get that tweaked "Buy MAX" thing (I suggested that some weeks ago in a seperate thread with some pseudocode :) ) I will be superhappy!

    Click Cannon and the other new augments:
    Have not upgraded much for it yet (wanna get the cube drop back to 100% ^^), but it seems to be pretty strong and I like it!

    Night Mode:
    Definitely a cool addition for gamesessions with tired eyes, when you wanna avoid bright colors. On my very small windowed resolution some numbers become even harder to read, but that's not a big deal.

    Finally! :)
    It would be cool if the Click Pistol Upgrade (H) hotkey would instantly buy all upgrades (or as much as you can afford) when the buy multiplier is set to MAX. Same for the Ability Buy (C) hotkey.
    For the rotation of the "idle aim, off, manual aim" sequence for the click weapons, I would personally prefer "idle aim, manual aim, off" because the situation where we want to switch fast to manual aim are more urgent and full of hectic (when the idle aim got stuck on the weaponcube too early again ^^) than the relaxed situations where we want to set it back to idle aim after getting some manual aim action.

    Ability Timers on the icons:

    Cost rebalance:
    Very difficult topic with extreme opinions pro and contra.
    I'm totally okay with the rebalance, the lower AND the higher costs and the "nerf" with the weapon cube drop augments. I like your decision that we don't get "free cubes" to fill up the levels!!!
    The automatically "filling up" with banked weapon cubes has killed the banking plan for some players, who saved up a good amount of weaponcubes to prepare for the patch and now that banked amount was used to refill some of the more expensive augments.

    Idle aim speed (BUGFIX! ^^) :
    Since it was known that the permanent increased aimspeed is a bug and the augment description said the correct version all the time, I'm okay with that bugfix. It's not that it got nerfed, it got fixed. If the bug never had existed, no one would complain now, because it would have been the normal behaviour from the very start.
    Of course, having it at highspeed all the time felt cool and was powerful and I would not say no to a change back to the perma speed. But if you think it's necessary for the balance, I'm 100% okay with that decision. And with the new OP feature and more banked time it will be in highspeed for that longer time .. and you can manually reactivate Rapid Fire after 1 minute or less all the time, so it should not be that much of a problem. It's just that people have to get used to it.

    New offline gold and rainbow ball calculation:

    The rest is just nice to have or does not matter to me personally enough to mention it here ^^
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    Hello fellow Clickers !

    I just wanted to give my opinion on the 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 updates, so here we go ! Also congrats to all the Time Clickers team, the game is great and the team interacts a lot with the community, which is not often seen in video games.

    First I want to talk about the little changes, like the hotkeys. The remaining time on abilities and cooldown is great ! Knowing when your ability comes back is really handy. I mainly use it do decide if I want to push a few more waves or if I must Time Warp.
    I don't use the new hotkeys much, but the ASDFG ones are very useful ! Finally, the "Golden Overpowered" bar is now a must. No longer need to guess or approximate, very cool !

    Now about the big changes, the Click Cannon is a beast ! With only a few levels in damage and projectile number, it already is very efficient.
    The Weapon Find/Chance change is not as bad as I thought it would be, especially after the 1.3.1 update.
    The new upgrades for the Click Pistol seem good, but I don't think I will use them much. For now, the Time and Weapon cubes are often the last ones in the waves and so take a lot of damages from the clicks because of the multipliers. As such it does not take many clicks to destroy them so it feels like the upgrades will have limited effect. This is speculation however, as I only put 1 point in it so far. Maybe it'll make a big difference in the end.

    The Rainbow Ball change is great too. It really gives a boost to your gold when it pops ! The sound alarm is also nice in case the auto shots miss the Ball.

    I haven't tested the Overpower yet as I start too high in the waves for it to happen. I'll wait for opinions on whether it is worth it or not to redo for it.

    Finally, the bug fix for the idle targeting speed feels weird. I feel like it does reduce the effectiveness of the auto-clicks, as the shots go into void or on non-targeted cubes instead a lot more now. Then again, the Auto Fire ability is up so often it doesn't matter much. It was nice to have fast weapon however. As many already said, I am OK if you want to keep it as it is.

    Anyway, the update is great as it gives a lot of new objectives and things to think about/test. It brings more to an already great game !
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