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    I'm aware that the game isn't exactly new, and you probably moved to new projects, but here is my suggestion. It concerns the mobile version.

    On Huawei p8 lite the game runs almost perfectly. However, after getting some of the guns upgrades the game starts lagging and fps drops. When I click on one of the upper tabs (achevements, options, ets.) the fps is perfect again. Getting back to the guns upgrades screen makes the game lag again.

    I think you could add more quality options to keep the fps rate smooth throughout the game. I think it's the fire rate bars causing the lag (that's why the fps drops after getting some fire rate upgrades). Option to turn these off might help.

    Great game btw, perfect time waster, I love it.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that after getting some of the 1st training upgrades, (red ones) which slow down the fire rate bars, the fps goes back up, even if im destroying cubes just as fast. The fps drops only when the bars get really fast, last fire rate upgrades (on the last two weapons especially) cause the problem it seems. That's why I think the problem is caused by the bars.
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