is there different on idle modes?

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    there is 3 idle modes in Time Clickers

    not click
    non-auto aim click
    auto aim click

    then.. is there different on damage?

    for example.

    if I am on Not Click mode, I have damage bonus? or not?

    what's the best mode?

    If I don't use Click Mode, do I need to invest time cubes into my click-related Artifects?
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    May 9, 2015
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    The 3 Modes are:
    Auto Aim - Click weapon will automatically target cubes based on what their matching teammate is targeting.
    Manual Aim - You manually aim where the click weapon targets
    No Weapon - Weapon is hidden - does not do any damage when hidden

    Most people generally use the auto or manual aim options. If you are actively playing and clicking then the manual aim is good. Otherwise letting it auto target works the best (good for when Max Damage kicks in).

    As for the Click Artifacts, if you play more idle then these aren't as important. However once you start investing :weaponcube: into the Auto-fire Augments you might want to invest some :timecube: into the Click Artifacts.
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