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Discussion in 'Time Clickers' started by flinny, Sep 26, 2015.

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    I know at this point other idle/clicker games have done this but its something i genuinely enjoy its sort of grindy has a lot of chance behind it and allows for you to make different builds.

    If you don't know what I mean by weapon drops allow me to explains.
    Lets say on every 100th wave after 1500 or something the boss has a chance for a weapon to drop they could be the click weapons like how theres click pistol, click launcher and soon to be click cannon so lets say it drops it has random stats on them.

    Like lets say for example a click launcher that gives +20% click damage for click launcher and +11% gold from rainbow orbs or a click pistol that gives + 12% dps for click pistol and +5% team dps.
    Its it also opens up the possibility for interesting things like your click launcher no longer does splash damage but all of its damage from the rocket is put into 1 cube or even have things like +1 for talents from the weapon cubes and time cubes upgrade trees so you could have like 6/5 for rocket spread if you're already at 5/5 or if you're at 4/5 it would become 5/5.

    And with ones you get that you don't want it could be like you sell them for time cubes or weapon cubes or maybe some other currency that can be used to make random other guns to try your luck.

    So you would have 2 different item slots currently (3 after click cannon and more after other guns) so currently it wouldn't add much but as an idea after theres been more guns like lets say we're at 5 or something and then different guns start dropping I think it would be cool.

    I enjoy this as its cool to get some loot to drop and then have it be an upgrade its another interesting way of progressing some might get bored of getting weapon cubes putting them into talents get time cubes put them into talents I think its an interesting idea.

    Would love feed back from everyone on this idea and maybe even suggest other interesting things that could go on the weapons maybe if the idea never comes to fruition we can still think of some interesting things for them to put as weapon cube upgrades or add to time cube upgrades thanks for reading.
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    To make a comparison to an already existing game with this feature:
    Relics in Clicker Heroes?

    You can gather up to 4 Relics there and they offer bonus stats for the already available boosts from the Ancients (more gold, more damage, etc etc etc) but you only keep them in your inventory and do nothing with them.
    Using them here as your click weapons and give them bonuses to the click weapons, or game changing functions, sounds very interesting. Instead of having 4 Relics you can only have, I will give it this name for now, 1 Weapon Enhancement for each Click weapon and when you find another one you get to choose which one to keep and which one to destroy. Another possibility, to not kill the killing flow (pun intended) would be to gather all Enhancements in an inventory and you can equip and unequip them all the time and keep different ones for different situations or playstyles (respeccing for a month-long deep run for example).

    In Clicker Heroes you can salvage unwanted ones for Forge Cores, which don't have a use yet.
    Here they could give something new, too, that might be used for other future things. Someone mentioned something like "Tech Cubes" in another thread.

    Definitely +1 for this idea!
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    I like !
    You should be able to drop weapons, sell them for "upgrades cubes" and spend those upgrade cubes to improve a dropped gun.
    Dropped weapons should improve
    -Team DPS.
    -Money Drop.
    And so on...

    Maybe... Legendary drops.
    Like "Ultim8 slaughtering gun 2 badass 4 U." Which gives you 50% more time cubes !

    Yeah that's a great idea, and it has endless possibilities !
    +1 for me !

    And now, THE question : those upgrade cubes, or tech cubes, are they going to be red, or yellow ?