Friday Update: Widgets & Blue Butterflies

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    This is our first Friday Update since releasing into Early Access. It's been a great 2 weeks with some new records (135 players in the Public World) and a lot of great feedback from the community which helped shape this update.

    To balance out Time Cubes gains, Blue Butterflies are now spread across all the Horde zones instead of all of them being in the end of planet zone.

    A multiplier is added for every deposited Blue Butterfly, so the more you collect the higher the multiplier goes. This way you'll still get benefits from earlier collected butterflies as you progress through the game.

    In addition to the current Time Attack widget, we've added a couple of new widgets.

    The Convoy Widget displays the number of players & their icons that are in your zone as well as the zones in front & behind you. The red or blue line below the players icons show whether or not they've completed the zone.

    The Time Cube Widget allows you to compare the Time Cube stats for your current timeline against your all time best stats.

    We did experience some server stability issues for the first few days after release. We have identified & fixed the issues so the Public World should continue to be stable.

    The next Friday Update will be on November 30, in the meantime continue to share your feedback & suggestions on the Steam Forums & our Discord.

    • Deposit Blue Butterflies in Horde Zones instead of End of Planet
    • Added Multiplier to deposited Blue Butterflies
    • Convoy & Time Cube Widgets
    • Enemies teleport home if not defeated in 65 seconds
    • Zone Progression in Orbit is always displays as blue or red
    • Active Abilities stay active after Time Warping
    • Reduced cost for Waves Per Zone Research
    • Higher ground friction for better movement control
    • Removed heart beat sound effect
    • Scalable HUD setting
    • Volume Focused & Unfocused setting
    • Ghost Mode is now a rebindable key
    • Display Total Time Cubes in Research screen
    • Research Screen has note that won't lose DPS when spending cubes
    • Time Attack now displayed a - instead of + for better time
    • Toggle Buy/Sell mode by clicking anywhere on Research screen
    • Renamed Click Weapon, Drone & Turret Autobuy Research to Start Level
    • Renamed Punch Perk to Punch Through
    • Modified Moon zone 136 to prevent enemies from getting stuck
    • Modified Ship zones 280 - 281 to improve speed running
    • Modified Mountain Town zones to reduce enemies getting stuck
    • Modified exponent character from E to e for readability

    • Red Butterflies affecting Offline Gold
    • Current Timeline times in Stats screen reset after Time Warp
    • Switching Number formats no longer displays - number
    • Critical Chance Perk Mission marker location
    • Swarmers targeting other Swarmers
    • Custom cursor slightly misaligned