Friday Update: The Refactoring Continues

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    So it turns out I was wrong last week when I said we’d be posting the teammate update this week.

    Since we were already so deep in the code we decided to continue with the re-factoring. Previously we refactored weapons, this week was all about the first person movement.

    Up until now we had technical limitations on what player movements we could have in the game. For example, in games like Shadow Warrior 2 you can dash and/or jump dash to move around quickly. We always imagined being able to do this in Time Warpers, but up until this week we just couldn’t add that feature. Not sure all these movements will stay in the game but for right now the player can dash, jump dash, double jump and even bunny hop!

    After getting the bigger movements in it was time to focus on reworking the more subtle movements. This includes things like weapon & player recoil, raising & lowering weapon when sprinting, breathing type movement when idle, and much more.

    The refactoring is still a work in progress. We’ll have a really cool update sometime in the near future that shows off the teammates, Artillery Strike & movements like jump dash. But for now I’m holding off on saying when that update will be :)
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    No problem, take your time to fix the important things :) Game with few things & almost no bugs > Game with a lot of things & lot of bugs.
    One question, do you respawn when you get killed? And where?

    (In one frame of the gif, you can see the spawn of Time Gunners)
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    Yep, you will respawn. Right now we are putting them back to the very start (the same spawn room as Time Gunners). But I think it will just round them back to right after the last boss that was beaten after we get more waves in. So there would be some kind of spawn points within the first arena right after a boss.

    The other possibility is that after a boss there is a small room like the Time Gunners spawn room where you spawn, with doors on both sides. Normally you would just run right through it.

    Might be a good time to mention another related idea: The Nemesis System

    The idea here is that whatever kills you gets displayed in a dialog like in Time Gunners:

    But instead of "Kenzie killed you", you would see "Crawler Killed you". And that crawler would be promoted to a "Super Crawler" (or something with a cooler name :p). Sort of like promoting a Red Cube to a White Cube. And when you get back to that wave, you would see your Nemesis somehow (hud icon, different body color, etc.). It would be harder to kill, but I think it will be satisfying to beat it.
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    That sounds really cool!
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