Friday Update: Pistol Experiments

Discussion in 'News' started by Kenzie, Apr 15, 2016.

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    May 9, 2015
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    As I mentioned in our last update, this week was dedicated to experimenting with the pistol. Our goal, which we achieved, was to add a second fire mode.

    Tap firing will shoot a single bullet. It takes 5 regular shots to destroy a red cube.

    If you hold down the mouse button, the pistol will power up (there are glowing lights on the side of the gun to indicate it’s powering up), and automatically fire a charged shot. The charged shot takes 4 bullets, but does extra damage (destroys a red cube with 1 hit).

    In addition to the pistol we've also added dynamic lighting, so the character & pistol are affected by the world lighting around them.

    Here’s a short video showing off the new pistol feature:
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  2. Vonbear

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    Nov 4, 2015
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    Looking pritty sweet!
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    A nice pistol mechanic, and the game is looking really good (I love the HUD!) :)
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    Interesting idea with the "4 bullets charged" dealing enough extra damage to destroy a "5 shots needed" red cube.
    The charge time feels too fast in my first impression, could get OP later on, but I'm sure that the balancing part happens later ^^

    But another thing that caught my attention in this video was the recoil behaviour.
    I personally dont like it when the recoil changes where I am aiming (and running!) at. I rather have the crosshair get bigger, which indicates that the accuracy decreased because of the recoil. Having the recoil change the position I am at indirectly feels like I am looking somewhere else than the enemy's head.

    Hard to explain ^^ An example for everyone to reproduce in person:
    Imagine you are holding a pistol in your hand (or that one hand is the pistol) and aim somewhere. You have your arms stretched out completely, the head slightly to the side of the pistol so you can properly aim. Now you shoot. Your wrist will move/bend/whatever due to the recoil and the gun will point somewhere else for a short time, but your arms are still more or less in the same direction (straight forward) and your eyes still on your target and you simply normalize the direction of where you are pointing the gun.
    In contrary to that the recoil in the video feels as if not only your wrists are moving but your arms, chest and head/eyes move with it, as if they are one stiff element. That feels unnatural.

    Or an example that could happen ingame:
    You stand anywhere and aim towards any direction. Now you shoot 100 times without moving the mouse. Do you afterwards when the gun cooled down still aim at the same spot as before or did your character automatically turned several times and you are now looking high up in the sky/at the ground/just somewhere else?

    Long story short: Is the recoil behaviour set in stone already?
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    May 5, 2015
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    The idea of the pistol is that it is 100% accurate, where you aim is where the bullet goes (making skillful headshots not dependent on Random Number Generation).

    There are 2 related factors that can be tweaked per weapon: Recoil & Accuracy

    Recoil is what you are seeing in the video, it pushes your crosshair up and sideways a random amount (more for the charged shot).

    There is one aspect of recoil that we may experiment with. In a lot of modern games the gun has recoil like ours, but then gradually returns to where you were aiming (like you say simulating your wrists straightening out to where you arms still are).

    For a weapon like a rifle or sub-machinegun, the first bullet would likely be 100% accurate, but then accuracy would reduce has you continue to auto-fire, causing the crosshairs to grow as you describe. The recoil would be less than the pistol, but would still be Present.

    But nothing is set in stone, player feedback will be very important.
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  6. polandmatt

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    Jun 17, 2015
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    Pretty cool the sound on the pistol is very awesome!!!!!
    i feel like im already playing it.
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