Friday Update: Horde Mode!

Discussion in 'News' started by Kenzie, Jun 2, 2017.

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    Activating the panel on the radio tower alerts a large horde. The bugs will even climb on top of each other to crawl over walls. Destroy the horde before time runs out.


    As you can see in the bottom left, we’ve also started working on the Upgrade system (more on that in a future update). The next Friday Update will be on June 16!
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    I like it. Pilling up bugs is a nice idea. A couple of questions and ideas:
    - Will this be a stand alone mode or will those towers appear in the normal mode? (every 5 /10 levels?)
    - If it's stand alone i guess it will have waves of increasing stenght with time in between to upgrade weapons and fortification/ turrets
    - What are the rewards and penaltys if you make it in time or not? Can you progress to next level even if you don't make it in time?
    -Can the horde be triggered multiple times on one tower?
    - I suggest a counter that shows the number of monsters left in addition to the health bar.
    - If this is used in normal mode and multiplayer you might want to think about who the monsters target (prime target activator?) and about players/grievers using it for MPKs
    - I noticed the red flash when the player was hurt. If you don't have it already i would suggest giving that flash a direction to show from where the player was hurt (e.g. if the player is hurt from the right then the flash is only on the right side)
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    They replace the mini-boss levels on Time Clickers (all zones ending with a 5)

    You need to destroy them all within 30 seconds or you can't progress to the next zone. Right now the reward is being able to progress to the next zone, but we will likely do some kind of Maximum Damage style reward (auto-cooldown of your abilities).

    Yes. Even after you beat it you can re-trigger it. In the gif the crawlers aren't dropping gold, but they should.

    Yep, that is a good idea.

    Right now they target whoever is closest to them when they spawn. We've also experimented with targeting the least targeted player, that way they split up evenly between all targets. Another idea is that some could target the tower, and if they hit it even once you fail immediately. So far it isn't needed though. Pretty fun to just shoot them and avoid being killed. I am not sure if grievers will be a problem. You could always go back and grind the previous zone if you aren't strong enough to survive the horde zone.

    Another related thing. It feels like they should target your drone if you are in idle mode (drone is roaming on its own). But not sure about the turret (so far I don't think they should target the turret). And what should happen if they attack the drone/turret. These questions are still open to experimentation. I get the feeling there are some cool solutions we can try, another good place for alpha testing feedback once we get there.

    In addition to the red at the edges of the screen, you can see a red semi-circular indicator pointing towards the enemy that hit you, but it is kind of hard to see in the gif (probably due to the size). I do think the getting hurt effect could use some work, but we can always do that after alpha testing.
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    As always, nice update! More excited each week ;)
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