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    Beautiful game considering its still under development. There's still some features missing but I am sure you guys will be adding those sooner or later.
    • How long did it take the game to initially load? 20-40 seconds.
    • What was your performance in-game like? Did you play full screen or regular? Low FPS but not laggy, Fullscreen.
    • Did you encounter any bugs? Didn't notice any yet.
    • Did you have fun? Well, I was alone in the server.
    • Any ideas or suggestions for future features that you’d like to see added to the game. Team chat, Spectator mode, Clans, Ranking, More guns & maps.

    Are you guys hiring in game moderators? What are the requirements?

    what engine is this game built on?

    Thank you, I look forward to be a part of this community.
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    Thanks for the feedback! We've got a couple of Trello boards set up to track suggestions/feedback, as well as show what we're currently working on or plan on working on in the near future. We've already got a few of your suggestion on the boards, but I'll add the ones that are missing.

    Our goal is to release an update every Friday (usually between 1 - 3 MST), which is usually the best time to play since there are more players on the server.

    We aren't currently looking for mods. If/when we do get to that point we'll probably be asking members of the community if they're interested. So best advice I can give is be an active member of the community.

    Time Gunners is built using Unity.
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