About the particle ball and the rocket launcher.

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    Hi ! I'll be quick as I don't have much time.

    About the PB :
    You know, at levels 1000-1500; 2000-2500; and so on (not really levels 1-500 as there are other upgrades, such as united front, or critical click chance/damage) the only upgrades are "rapid" and a special upgrade depending of the weapon.
    Plasma, flak, spread, booster and collider.
    They increase the dps by 2.5x, 2x, 2x, 3x and... Well I will calculate.
    The 5th hit deals 5x or 10x damage.
    If the PB deals 1 damage per shot, each 5 shot we have :
    1+1+1+1+5=9 damage or 1+1+1+1+10=14 damage.


    So the collider upgrade is less effective than a "rapid" upgrade.

    My idea : Make the collider upgrade so, once bought, the critical burst is every 2 shots.
    So, this would be, for 10 shots :
    Without it, for 10 shots :

    As powerful as plasma upgrade.
    Isn't that better ?


    And about RL :
    Increasing the radius could be good. So the RL won't hit only the neighbor blocks, bit also the neighbor's neighbors but with only 12.5% dps (or 25% if the booster upgrade is bought)
    How ? In the dps tree, there is an artefact whose utility is to make splash diagonally. The level 2 of that upgrade is the radius boost !
    (You can think about a level 3 if you want, but maybe setting the 12.5/25% to 25/50% could be good. Think to a level 4 !)

    That's it ! Thanks for reading !
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