A Time Clickers Fan-fiction II

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    Cube #09101987 was my designation but that felt like such a boring name. Call me Bob. I like that designation much more. Adds a little bit of color to my life.

    Every day on wave 3001 me and five of my buddies wake up and sit in a room. There are many rooms like this one but I assure you this is the only room that matters. What do you do in the room? Well, we just sort of exist. I'm not sure if you expected much from a cube. It's not like anything ever happens we just sit in a room and wait.

    “Hey 09101987, nice room, right.” That's cube #02281990. I call her Bunny.

    “Names Bob and yes, we really tie this room together.”

    “You do know we don't have names right? I mean think of it, there are trillions of us we'd run out of names. Just stick to your designated number.” That came from the smartest of us six. I don't want to give him a name, but he's yellow so it sort of sets him apart from the rest of us reds.

    “Don't you think it boring to wake up every morning walk into this room with five other cubes who are just a bunch of numbers then when nothing happens we go back just to repeat it all over again. No, I like my name, my name is Bob. It makes us different.”

    “You're not different though, look, we all have six sides, we are all the same size, the only difference is I'm yellow and the rest of you are red.” He was always this condescending, how bothersome.

    Deciding to ignore the yellow buffoon I slid up to Bunny. She never said much, but I felt better being beside her. Sure I had my pick of the reds to be with, but she was the only one for me. She had perfect dimensions and the brightest shade of red. Yellow would say it was the same as the others but I'd say he was just a block in the mud.

    The other two cubes were standoffish. Honestly I had thought them twins but that would have made their activities cubecest, and I don't believe our maker ever intended that for us. Though who knew what went on in their mind. They had left us here on wave 3001 so long ago and I had never tried to really reach out to them.

    Though I was happy here. If it weren't for Yellow this would have been a perfect place to grow old in. He always leered down at my oddities from above lording his unique color over my unique personality. Jealous. That must be it.

    Something was odd though. I counted everyone in my head, there was me, Bunny, Yellow, and the twins but hadn't there been a sixth one? Yes I was sure of it, it had always been me and FIVE others. Though there wasn't now. In our long hours of existence there had never been one missing. Who had it been? Surely I wasn't wrong, I made sure to count heads every morning.

    Wait! There was a sixth one! Just there in the doorway. Though there was something odd about this sixth cube. For one they weren't cube shaped at all. For two they had odd things hanging from them and a round shape on top. It was a truly odd creature with far too many abstract shapes making up it's body to fully comprehend. Didn't they know all normal cubes had six sides all perfectly flat with nothing hanging off all willy-nilly.

    “Hello...cube? You there! Hello!” I figured it was polite to welcome the stranger.

    Nothing. The thing just stared blankly at us five. Maybe it simply couldn't hear me. Yellow called out in the same fashion but was equally ignored. No, we had both spoken perfectly clear this thing was just rude.

    Then it raised one of the shapes dangling by its side which was holding yet another shape, it was most impressive being as none of us five could manage such a feat. Bouncing in appreciation clanging my approval against the floor at this remarkable thing standing before us, I was very much overjoyed for the shape! Bunny sat still, nervous I could tell, she always angled to the side when she was shy. The twins did twin stuff to be honest I didn't pay any attention to them so they could have left for all I cared and to my surprise when the thing being held by the first thing flashed both of them vanished in thin air! How rude to hide when a guest came all the way for us.

    Yellow began to bluster and panic but Cubes just simply don't move fast enough and that's when it clicked. The object was killing us! Yellow took a few more flashes before he too vanished bits of his pocket money spilling out. This stranger was killing us! What had we done though? Why would someone climb all this way just to kill five blocks? Or was it only two blocks?

    No I was sure there had been five of us blocks. Who were they? Oh well I still had Bunny by my side. Well there was that third shape in the door, when had they gotten there? It was all so fuzzy now to me. I could have sworn I saw a flash of light. Oh well at least I had Bunny. I could have sworn. I could?


    Only six blocks? My oh my the developers sure got sloppy here. Still something was different don't you think, you? Still not listening are we. How many millions of Time Cubes have you gathered. We weren't intended to go this far you and I. Still very odd room don't you think? Of course you don't think. You haven't been thinking for quite some 'time', you. Oh well, I'll still be here prodding you onwards, not like you need it, but I'll always wonder 'why a room with six blocks'. At least you could try and engage me a little like before. Oh fine, next wave.
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    Great job, but now I don't want to go and shoot any blocks, what if one of them is Bob or Bunny? :)
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    Once again!
    You get my seal of approval
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    Nice story!
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    I never thought I'd have feelings for a red voxel.
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