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    Am enjoying this game. There are a few things that could do with a little tweaking however that would increase the usability both for online and idling players. You've probably heard a few of these before, I'm just outlining what I would like to see changed.

    A few online bits of information for new players. Maybe an overlay explaining a few things in brief. I found the option to goto the "infinite" mode by accidental clicking shortly after starting and didn't know what had happened and how to correct it, something that have seen posted in the forums a couple of times.

    More hotkeys (and maybe option to redefine) one to toggle the idle mode would be useful (and moving the icon so not as easy to accidentally trigger it if you are moving the mouse around fast would be better) changing x1,U,P,And Max modes would be great as well. Maybe toggle the infinite mode And the other things like settings, stats screen etc.

    A way to toggle the overlay buttons. It can be annoying to be getting close to finishing an hard boss or trying to get the best use of a max damage only to find one of the blocks is behind the buttons and having to seek it out and probably triggering an ability earlier than you intended.

    Oh, and trying to find a red block targeted by the spread rifle on some of the levels with a red background can be a little annoying as well.
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    yes, i'm going through all the "more hotkeys" threads now to +1,
    more hotkeys to activate everything,
    clicker upgrades
    abilities purchases
    activating auto aim for click pistol and launcher
    entering each of the other menu screens and artifacts/weapon cubes screens

    also improving the nature of upgrading somewhat
    possibly with some things like 'only buy in 25/100/500 incremental' so as not to land in the middle of another rank
    and even just being able to buy in 25/100/500/1000 instead of just promotions and max
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    How do you activate infinite mode?
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    You can only grind the wave before a boss.

    So let's say you are on wave 320, click on the icon for wave 319 and it will take you there for infinite waves.
    To get back to wave 320 just click on the icon for it and you'll be back fighting the boss.