1.2.0 Weapon Cubes on iOS

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    To give a bit more detail, the main thing causing issues was the "Reset All Progress" ability on mobile.

    Ideally we wanted to just always take the save that was further ahead (most time warps, furthest wave). But lets say someone was offline on their mobile (without internet) and did a Reset All Progress, if they closed the game and came back when they had internet, it would load the cloud save, see it is further ahead and overwrite their local save (not desired).

    So to solve it we made a cloud timestamp. So when you save the cloud server sends you back a timestamp, and this is used to compare which is the newest save. If they are the same, the local one is used. The big problem here is if the request makes it to the server, but the response doesn't make it back (due to bad internet connection). In that case the server's timestamp is updated but the local one isn't because it doesn't get the response. From then on no progress is saved!

    This was a case we didn't think of when designing and testing :oops:

    So our new solution is to ALWAYS take the save that is further ahead. And if you try to 'Reset All Progress' while paired but offline, it will tell you that Resetting All Progress will unpair you since you are not connected to the cloud. If you are connected it works fine since it can do a 'force save' to the cloud. So this part is done and we are just testing it.

    The next part that is needed is a new screen as part of the pairing process. After you pair it should show you 2 options:
    1. Use Local Save with 5 Time Warps and on wave 1,235
    2. Use Cloud Save with 3 Time Warps and on Wave 400

    We think this will create the most reliable & flexible system.
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    another cause may be the weapon cubes not having priority in the selection of which save to send to the client