0.7.2 - Tweaks & Fixes

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    0.7.2 - Tweaks & Fixes
    • New: Added Upgrade/Promotion indicators to buttons
    • New: Unpurchased but unlocked artifacts appear differently
    • New: Hide Redo button if no Time Cubes collected
    • New: Next Artifact effect display changed
    • Tweak: Start Gold & Start Wave artifact balanced to work together
    • Tweak: Lowered cost of Team DPS artifacts
    • Tweak: When you 'Redo' Artifacts, you don't lose any Time Cubes you collected in this Time Line
    • Fix: Renamed 'Gold Blocks' to 'Yellow Blocks'
    • Fix: Weapon tooltips don't get stuck anymore
    • Fix: Augmented Aim ability correctly multiplies now
    • Fix: Random chance for Time Cubes is more random now
    The next feature we will be working on is the 'Spec Ops Update'. This will take your team beyond level 500. We're compiling all the idea's/suggestions we've seen and will post a new thread on it shortly for more feedback before we start working on it.