Time Warpers - Multi-Player FPS Incremental Game

Time Warpers is the evolution of the popular incremental game Time Clickers. It combines the action of a first person looter shooter with the progression & upgrades of a clicker game.

Latest Time Warpers News

This update focused on graphical changes based on player feedback.

The new clouds/space dust break up some of the bright areas while still letting some peeks of light through.

Specular lighting was smoothed out to remove sharp highlights.

Dynamic shadows on models were changed to match the ambient light making the enemies easier to see.



We're also experimenting with some new smoother textures, but wanted to get feedback on them before changing all the zones. The new textures can be found in Zones 1-5.

Lastly we were recently informed that one of the songs we were using was receiving monetization claims on YouTube from someone other than the original artist. We've replaced this song with one of the favorites from Time Rifters & Time Clickers. Let us know if you receive any other monetization claims.

Next Friday Update will be on March 22, in the meantime continue to share your thoughts & feedback on the Steam Forums & our Discord.

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