Time Warpers - Multi-Player FPS Incremental Game

Time Warpers is a multi-player first person incremental game. Enjoy the progression & upgrades of a clicker game combined with the action of a first person shooter.

Latest Time Warpers News

We now have a Charger! As soon as you're in his line of sight he'll charge, doing 2x the damage when he hits you.

We've also added a couple of things to the quest system. If you haven't cleared all the waves in the zone, red lights now appear along the barrier. As you get closer the lights turn to lasers, blocking the exit until you've cleared the wave.

Once a zone is cleared the barrier lights turn blue & arrows appear guiding you to the next zone.

The next update will be on Cinco de Mayo (Friday May 5).
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The first couple of Active Abilities are now in the game. Just like Time Clickers, the first ability is Automatic Fire (auto-fires 10 times per second). Next we have Dual Wield, a brand new ability that lets you hold 2 click weapons at the same time (very fun combined with auto-fire or on its own).

We've also upgraded the pistol to make it more futuristic. Changes include new bullets, tracers, muzzle flash, impacts, sound effects, HDR lighting & a brand new model (similar design to the old one).

The next Friday Update will be on April 21 and may include another brand new model ;)
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Want to do some more damage? Activate turrets for some extra help.

The zone before a boss will always have at least 1 turret, but they can be found in some of the other zones too (perfect for helping fight a hard boss).

Some zones will have multiple turrets, so you can work work together to do even more damage (you activate the turret that freezes enemies while your friend activates the rocket turret & destroys them).

I’m sure the turret system will continue to evolve so stay tuned for more updates :) The next Friday Update will be on April 7.
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We now have loot drops!


Compare stats to make sure you’ve got the best item equipped.

Loot also has a quality value (Common, Rare, Legendary, etc). This system isn’t fully in place yet so more on that in a future update ;)


Normally only 1 piece of loot drops at a time, but here’s what it looks like when all the crawlers drop loot (made testing so much easier). Just a reminder the next update will be on Friday March 24!
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In addition to our red Crawler, we now have white & yellow Crawlers too!

We also made some tweaks to the progression. Arenas now spawn multiple waves of enemies. You’ll need to clear 10 waves in order to progress to the next arena.

The Spider Boss is now more animated. He growls & hisses when spawning. He also makes small movements as he tracks players in the arena.

As a reminder Friday Updates are now posted every 2 weeks. The next update will be on March 10.

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