Time Warpers - Multi-Player FPS Incremental Game

Time Warpers is a multi-player first person incremental game. Enjoy the progression & upgrades of a clicker game combined with the action of a first person shooter.

Latest Time Warpers News

Just like Time Clickers, you get an Upgrade boost at levels 10, 25, 50 & 75, but this time you get to choose your upgrade.

Once you’ve started researching, you & your teammates will automatically level up & upgrade as you play. Promoting gives you a colossal DPS boost, but all upgrades are reset. So you’ll automatically level up to Promotion, but you get to choose when to promote.

Next update will be on Friday June 30.
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Activating the panel on the radio tower alerts a large horde. The bugs will even climb on top of each other to crawl over walls. Destroy the horde before time runs out.


As you can see in the bottom left, we’ve also started working on the Upgrade system (more on that in a future update). The next Friday Update will be on June 16!
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The Time Warpers Discord is now live! It's a popular chat app for gamers.

We’ve also updated the Time Warpers page with the following screenshots:

Next update will be on Friday June 2!
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We started working on Ghost Mode (like Time Clickers idle mode). In Ghost Mode your drone undocks then flies around fighting enemies.

Using Cinemachine (a new Unity tool) we created cinematic cameras that follow your drone. Camera views automatically switch based on priority and shot quality.

We also created Big Tree Valley, a brand new biome featuring trench-like pathways & bridges.

Next update will be on Friday May 19.
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We now have a Charger! As soon as you're in his line of sight he'll charge, doing 2x the damage when he hits you.

We've also added a couple of things to the quest system. If you haven't cleared all the waves in the zone, red lights now appear along the barrier. As you get closer the lights turn to lasers, blocking the exit until you've cleared the wave.

Once a zone is cleared the barrier lights turn blue & arrows appear guiding you to the next zone.

The next update will be on Cinco de Mayo (Friday May 5).
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