Time Warpers - Multi-Player FPS Incremental Game

Time Warpers is the evolution of the popular incremental game Time Clickers. It combines the action of a first person looter shooter with the progression & upgrades of a clicker game.

Latest Time Warpers News

Active players are rewarded with bonus Time Cubes based on their timeline difficulty. When you Time Warp click on the Timeline Settings button and choose from:
  • No Hover Bike - must enabled to select other options
  • No Healing Stations - can't heal at respawn points
  • Permadeath - automatically Time Warp when you die
  • No Progress in Ghost Mode - no gold or wave progression when in ghost mode
To balance out early game players being carried too far, there is now a maximum amount of Time Cubes you can carry before becoming over encumbered, which slows down movement. Carry capacity can be increased through Time Cube Research.

Another highly requested feature, when cruising in your Hover Bike press the Jump key to toggle the Free Roam Camera. Move around using your Mouse and WASD/arrow keys. The camera automatically re-docks to the Hover Bike when the Zone is complete, disabling free roam until you've entered the next zone.

The next Friday Update will be on January 25, in the meantime continue to share your suggestions & feedback on the Steam Forums & our Discord.

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