Time Warpers - Multi-Player FPS Incremental Game

Time Warpers is a multi-player first person incremental game. Combining the progression & upgrades of a clicker game with the action of a first person looter shooter.

Release Date: TBD

Latest Time Warpers News

We experimented with Unity's new high performance multithreaded system with Burst Compiler.

It works great when there are lots of game objects such as gold pickups, arena lights, and bullets.

Here's some data we collected for spawning 488 Arena Lights:
Standard Unity: 128 ms (11.0 MB Garbage)
Standard Unity With Pooling: 7 ms (320.3 KB Garbage)
Unity ECS with Burst Compiler: 0.64 ms (Zero Garbage!)

In Unity, Garbage creates lag spikes, so the less the better!

The performance improvement is pretty impressive, we expect to incorporate this technology into future builds of Time Warpers.

Next Friday Update will be on June 29, in the meantime come join the conversation on Discord.
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