1. 1.4.0 - Respec Update Now Available
    Buy/Sell Artifacts & Weapon Augments when you Time Warp
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  2. Friday Update: Time Gunners - Free Multi-Player First Person Shooter - Now Available!
    Try it out and let us know what you think!
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Time Clickers

An Idle Game with Guns!

Time Rifters

Team Up With Yourself!

Time Gunners

Coming Soon!

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Your Mission Starts Now!
Collect Gold, Upgrade Your Click Pistol & Hire a Team of Elite Sharp-Shooters to Help with Defeating the Enemies in this Free Browser & Mobile Clicker Idle Game.

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Be your Own Teammates in this unique single-player co-op shooter!
Team-up with yourself & compete for a highscore in this Daily Challenge, a maze of user created rooms.

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Fight to control resources in earth-like bio-cubes on a desolate planet. Your team’s survival depends on defending, stealing and crafting Time Cubes before the enemy team becomes unstoppable.